For the last 25 years Matthew has been working as a TV director for many of the international broadcasters and has an established track record for visually compelling drama and telling the 'intriguing story - up close'.

Matthew has become one of BBC's leading directors of factual based drama. Notably, director of THE BUSBY BABES (starring Maurice Roeves, John McCardle & William Ash) a powerful drama about the tragic events of the 1958 Munich Air crash in which eight members of Manchester United football team perished.

Matthew directed THE SPY FROM MOSCOW (BBC1) an espionage thriller set against the backdrop of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis . Based on eye witness accounts and newly revealed KGB files Matthew reconstructed the true story about the cold war's most enigmatic spy, Oleg Penkovsky and his extraordinary double life.

Matthew's docudrama credits for television include NEFERTITI RESURRECTED, hugely popular and one of Discovery Channel's highest ever-global ratings. The quest for the lost mummy of Egypt's most mysterious queen, also became one of Discovery Channel's most controversial films and which won them an Emmy. Matthew directed drama Serials : BBC DOCTORS - including Vivian's award-winning 'rape storyline' including some great slapstick comedy with Owen Brenman, the first BBC Doctors' episode to be released as a viral.

Matthew's track record for strong visionary direction includes a number of action adventure docudramas for Animal Planet's NATURE'S MOST WANTED and FATAL ATTRACTIONS - one of their most successful series. It took audiences into the dark world of people's obsession with exotic and dangerous animal. His award winning SITUATION CRITICAL for National Geographic was a hard-cutting, eye-witness docudrama series exploring some of the most gripping stories of the day.

Matthew Wortman recently directed TV movie: WHAT THE DAMBUSTERS DID NEXT for Channel Five/Nat Geo reconstructing some of the secret missions of the last remaining Dambuster veterans' audacious missions which entailed finding their last remaining Lancaster deep in the Arctic Circle.

Matthew's other high-profile credits include SKY's 3D film - STORM CITY. A flagship series to relaunch SKYs 3D channel.

Matthew Wortman is currently preparing to direct his first co/production independently financed feature film: FRONTIER: The Fight for the Amazon - Those fighting to save it and those fighting to take it.

The battle for Brazil's interior is a modern day, epic, western cowboy movie. The actors are real-life frontier men and women- landowners, ranchers, and Indians - not as commonly portrayed by the world's media. Normally seen as the main threat to the Amazon forests, here they are cast as they are, living saviours of the Amazon rain forest; true grit 'boots on the ground' pioneers. FRONTIER shows what it takes, day by day, facing Nature's challenges and head on human brutality and aggression. Here, individuals and families stand alone without protection from the law - an echo of the American West. This is a tense action-packed environmental drama. Matthew Wortman believes this frontier story of Brazil's interior is one of the most engrossing epic tales of our time.

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