Nefertiti Resurrected

DISCOVERY - 2004 - Director

Achieved one of Discovery's highest-ever global ratings. The quest for the lost mummy of Egypt's most enigmatic queen also became one of their most discussed and controversial films. Also nominated for an Emmy.

"Groundbreaking film"
Sunday Times
"Visually spectacular storytelling"
USA Today
What the Dambusters Did Next

What the Dambusters Did Next

National Geographic/Channel 5 - 2014 - Director

To mark the 70th anniversary of one of the most intricate and perilous feats of flying in the history of military aviation, Matthew directed a TV Movie about the RAF's legendary wartime bomber squadron known as The Dambusters.

Following the most audacious bomber squadron in history on their next mission and presented by ex-RAF navigator and POW, John Nichol, What The Dambusters Did Next, uses unseen archive and previously secret mission logs to uncover wartime operations that have never been revealed before.

"Excellent .powerful portrayal. wonderful tribute to the men of 617 squadron"
The Express

Storm City

SKY 3D - 2012 - Director/Producer

A big budget 3 D drama documentary recreating survivors accounts of Avalanche disasters.

A flagship new series, fronted by Ben Fogle, for their 3D channel. The aim of the series was to reconstruct Earth's most devastating natural forces. Each episode examines the science behind the planet's most destructive weather forces using experts, advanced engineering technology and science, as well as firsthand accounts of what it feels like to be caught in the midst of nature's fury. The challenge for my episode was to build a two-story functional house right in the oncoming path of an Avalanche and film the destruction in 3D.

Financial Times
"Truly incredible sights...amazing footage....extraordinary"
Times (Pick of the Week)

Invisible Worlds

BBC1/DISCOVERY - 2010 - Series Director

Wortman was Series Director on BBC's RTS & BAFTA award winning series making the invisible - visible which explored the invisible world on too small a scale to be seen by the naked eye; revealing for the first time the hidden world of dust mites, a miniature universe in a single water droplet. Snowflake molecules behind the destructive hidden forces of an avalanche, fibres of a spider's thread 100 times thinner than hair. Filming entailed a massive technical challenge shooting sequences on cameras not designed for broadcast - infrared, UV, x-ray and gas cameras. And to get it all into inhospitable and dangerous places - such as the raging path of an oncoming Avalanche!

"Visually stunning....a perfect balance of beauty and science...amazing"
Daily Mail
"Dazzling and enlightening"
Mail on Sunday
"Spectacular new series... fascinating...enthusiastically presented...full of truly astonishing sights"
Saturday Mail (Pick of the Week)
"...Dazzled by a series of amazing images...."
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