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Nuclear Race -
The Spy From Moscow

BBC2 - 2008 - Director

Mark Bonnar stars as Oleg Penkovsky - the greatest spy of the Cold War. This film charts Penkovsky's fateful double-life and shows its critical impact on the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

"Really powerful.... completely gripping... Earth shattering TV - the best I've seen in a long while."
Evening Standard
"Outstanding drama.... rarely been as slick and engaging as this film on the culture of secrecy and espionage surrounding nuclear weapons"

Munich Air Crash -
The Busby Babes Story

BBC 1/DISCOVERY - 2006 - Director

Features Maurice Roeves as Sir Matt, Will Ash, Branwell Donaghey & John McArdle.

The first screen drama to dramatise the tragedy of February 6th 1958. The drama tells the story of the team's fateful last journey, including powerful scenes at the crash site and Rechts der Isar Hospital in Munich. A total of 23 people died, including eight Manchester United players - named the Busby Babes after manager Sir Matt Busby. Based on eyewitness accounts and interviews with some of the surviving players. Over the last year we interviewed a number of eye witnesses, former players, airport and medical staff who are still living to help recreate the exact mood on board. The result is very powerful indeed.

"A terrific film...certainly gives history a sense of style..."
Evening Standard
"A compelling hour's viewing, tastefully scripted and directed"
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