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BBC2 - 2008 - Director

Matthew directed drama serial Doctors including Vivian's award-winning 'rape storyline' including some great slapstick comedy with Owen Brenman, the first Doctors' episode to be released as a viral.

Surviving Disaster:
Mount St Helen

BBC 1/DISCOVERY - 2006 - Director

Factual drama of the greatest natural disasters in US history. In Washington State May 18th, 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted, with 500 times the force of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. This factual drama was based on dramatic eyewitness accounts, with a behind the scenes portrayal of the authorities, local residents and inexperienced scientists struggling to analyse the sudden dramatic changing mountain climate.

250 square miles of pristine forest were decimated, millions of wildlife perished and over sixty human lives were lost.

Days That Shook The World

BBC1 - 2005 - Director

This BAFTA-winning series focuses on some of the defining moments of history. Dramatic reconstructions, eye-witness accounts and archive footage, tell each episode in the Days That Shook the World TV series which pieces together the thrilling stories of the landmarks of our time; the moments in history - human tragedies, scientific breakthroughs and calamitous events - that have profoundly affected the way our world thinks and acts.

"Absolutely riveting and fascinating."
"The stories are told as they unfolded on the day that shook the world in beautifully realised drama reconstruction. Because the whole film is drama the spell is never broken and you really feel you are there in the moment."
Daily Mail
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