Nefertiti Resurrected

DISCOVERY - 2004 - Director

Sometimes a film hinges on just one good idea. Discovery knew this was going to be a massive hit, so commissioned a big budget ending. After her death the tomb raiders purposefully smashed NEFERTITI'S mouth so she would never be able to answer the call and be summoned into the afterlife. So I proposed it would be great if that honour was bestowed back to NEFERTITI so I devised a sequence where history was played in reverse, with NEFERTITI riding back in time to her final resting place. This involved using a lot of the sets already built, some model work and phenomenal CGI creating the sphinxes and pyramids rising up out of the desert.

NEFERTITI RESURRECTED achieved one of Discovery's highest-ever global ratings. The quest for the lost mummy of Egypt's most enigmatic queen also became one of their most discussed and controversial films. SFX was nominated for an Emmy.

"Groundbreaking film"
Sunday Times
"Visually spectacular storytelling"
USA Today
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