Matthew Wortman - directs 'true story' dramas.

After years of cutting his teeth making factual programming and documentaries, Matthew Wortman infused his drama work with a heightened-realism not often found in period re-construction. His experience as a commercial director puts his production values head and shoulders above most, even with restricted budgets.

Matthew specialises writing and directing 'true story' dramas, notably period films and factual drama, bringing original perspective to momentous historical events. Matthew's work demonstrates a strong visual eye, using a loose, improvisational style to make characters come alive on the screen. His work often has a spontaneous even dangerous feel. Whether for serious drama, comedy or coaxing amazing performances from real people, his directing style is unique and powerful. His improvisational style with actors gained early attention on THE BUSBY BABES STORY, which picked up a number of awards.

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